Christmas In Leicester - Santa Special GCR

Join us as we take a trip on the Great Central Railways Santa Special train services, a festive treat and long running tradition for our family and may others in Leicester during the christmas period. The adventure begins at Loughbrough central as the previous service (The 8F) departs the station allowing our train (Perfectly named Leicester City) to arrive in the station. We board the carriages and take our seats where we are entertained by the "Head Elf" playing his Ukulele and his Swazzle (a device that allows the performer to produce the distinctive harsh, rasping voice of Punch in a Punch and Judy show) before the engine moves off and we travel along the line passing a frozen Swithland reservoir and through Rothley station before "Leicester City" changes ends and we travel back along the railway to Loughborough Central and the end of another magical journey on the GCR. Merry Christmas for more information and to book your seat on the Santa special visit the following link


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