Christmas In Leicester - Switch On 2017

It`s #ChristmasInLeicester and here`s a look at events as the city`s Christmas lights are switched on. We start at the Highcross #Frostival outside the Urban Antidote art gallery where we meet the Ice Prince and Princess and follow them as they roam St Peters Square freezing all they come across. We then discover the White Queen`s magical giant Snow Lion on the prowl but don`t worry he`s friendly and even does selfies !. The action then moves to the Clock Tower where Leicestershire Fire and Rescue service bring Rudolph and a well known bearded and red suited gentleman in his sleigh to spread some festive cheer. Next up its over to New Market Square for a brief look at the #Leicester Christmas market before returning to Highcross for a cultured end to the evening with Sophie Adams Ballet Company performing the "Best Bits" of the Ballet Swan Lake. My film aims to capture a sense of the festive feeling as this annual event sets the Leicester Christmas season well and truly in motion in the city.


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