Desford In Bloom & #YarnBomb

The village of Desford was transformed in 2017 for Desford in Bloom and #YarnBomb. Desford in Bloom founded by Ewan Lindsay in 2016 comprises of 4 groups; The Committee, The Watering Team, The Planting Team and the Community. The village was entered into the East Midlands in Bloom Competition in the Small Town Category and is sponsored by nearby Tropical Birdland from which it uses as its theme in 2017. The #YarnBomb element of the event has been created by dedicated knitters from local groups and compliments the "In Bloom" event. The village is dotted with cutout images of tropical birds painted by local school children and groups continuing the tropical bird theme. My film aims to bring you a taste of the event but a visit is highly recommended, further information can be found at

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