GCR - Teddy Bears Holiday Express

Created as an update to existing posters and flyers my design for the Great Central Railways Teddy Bear Express features a new character called Ted E Bear created by myself driving and waving aboard the Holiday Express (the event coincides with the local school holidays).
The color scheme was taken and updated from the original posters and is designed to be colorful and engaging for kids with bright yellows and and reds with Ted E Bear wearing blue overalls.
The information is presented in a bold sans serif typeface with a more traditional heavy serif-ed typeface chosen for the title evoking the tradition of this event.
The poster like my other work for the Great Central Railway uses a flat style reminiscent of the vintage railway posters already on display at the railway meaning this poster fits with its surroundings whilst still looking suitably modern in other locations.
A poster welcoming visitors to the event can be seen below

A welcome poster featuring new character Ted E Bear welcoming people aboard the Teddy Bears Holiday Express.

The design also features on a flyer for the event which features the welcome from Ted E Bear on the reverse.


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