The Reinterment of Richard III - Leicester

On the 22nd March The university of Leicester transferred the mortal remains of King Richard III to the city's Cathedral where they will be reburied. The Kings remains left the University before visiting several villages in Leicestershire and the battlefield in Bosworth where he fell they then returned to the city via the Bow Bridge which Richard crossed both on his way into battle and once again when he returned defeated by Henry Tudor. The coffin was transferred to a horse drawn carriage at St Nicholas Church the City's oldest before traveling around the city ending at the Cathedral where a evening service of compline was held watched by hundreds as the sun set on big screens at various locations around the city concluding the first day of a historic week for the city of Leicester. My video aims to give a feeling of the atmosphere of the historic day showing the crowds gathering before the coffin passes by Jubilee Square, being taken into the cathedral and ending with a view of the crowds gathered by the big screen outside BBC Radio Leicester.
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