Leicester Glows - Reinterment of King Richard III

On Friday 27th March a week of events marking the reinterment of king Richard III concluded with a spectacular firework display from the roof of Leicester Cathedral and Leicester Glows a fire garden featuring over 8.000 flames placed around the city's old town.
The evening began with a spectacular firework display from the roof of the cathedral with bright colors and fiery serpents snaking into the sky delighting the gathered crowd in the cathedral gardens many joked that after having just getting settled King Richard might be awoken by the noise.
The mood changed to one of quiet wonder as the crowds dispersed into the fire garden in front of the cathedral and surrounding streets where over 8.000 flames flickered and bathed the area in candlelight.
Meanwhile in the courtyard of the RIII visitor center the outline of Richards crown was created by spark arts using night light candles.
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