PixelPyros,Light The Night - Cultral Quarter, Leicester

Timed to coincide with the switching on of Leicester's Christmas lights in 2013 Orton Square in the Cultural Quarter of Leicester was transformed by a interactive display of digital fireworks projected onto a giant screen alongside Curve theatre by the PixelPyros project.
Using lasers and projections the display encouraged the audience to activate the pyrotechnics by waving their hands in front of sensors at the base of the screen creating a colourful display of fireworks in time to the dance music.
The display then turned into a giant game of Invaders and Asteroids before culminating with the words GOODNIGHT spelt out in sparking letters.
More info on the PixelPyros Project can be found at http://pixelpyros.org.
PixelPyros is designed and programmed by digital artist Seb Lee-Delisle.
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