Menphys Christmas Campaign Posters 2012

The Menphys Christmas Campaign for 2012 was based around the idea of presents and Christmas wrapping. 
Menphys Grand Christmas Prize Draw 2012 Poster
The Menphys Grand Christmas Prize draw poster uses a bold and festive colour scheme of Orange, Red and Green with the words Prize Draw seemingly blasting form the page toward the viewer prizes are listed along the main large ribbon and a tall vintage Art Deco style typeface is used to allow for lots of information to be presented in a narrow space.   
Menphys Children for Children Carol Concert Poster 2012
Continuing the presents and wrapping theme with ribbon and stripes the Carol Concert poster uses a more subtle colour scheme making the word Christmas More prominent and the type is angled to give the poster a dynamic style.
The poster also includes a QR code allowing interested persons to once again purchase tickets by scanning it with their smartphone.


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