Panoramic Photos - The Leicester Botanical Gardens

A Series of Panoramic Photos taken by me at Leicester University`s Botanical Gardens, featuring the spectacular gardens and the sculptures that are placed in the garden during their annual sculpture exhibition.  
An Acer Palmatum Atrosanguineum burns fiery red in a border 
at Leicester Botanical Gardens

Sean Henry`s Man With Potential Selves (III)
one of the sculptures on display at the Sculpture in the garden event.

Down the Garden Path, One of many borders filled with a wide selection 
of flowers at Leicester Botanical Gardens.

A covered walkway gives this part of 
Leicester's botanical gardens a almost Mediterranean feel.

The traditional formal garden area is the ideal setting for 
artist Brigitte Jurack`s Piece 'Distribution of wealth'.

Eilis O'Connell`s Carapace & Kathrine Gili`s Serrata 
are amongst the sculptures on display at this years event.

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