Red Kite Feeding Time Gigrin Farm Wales

At Gigrin Farm, Red Kite Feeding & Rehabilitation Centre in Wales Feeding takes place at 2pm (last weekend in October onwards) 3pm ( from the last weekend in March).
The Crows are usually first on the scene followed by Buzzards and Red Kites competing for the best cuts of meat.
The birds demonstrate spectacular feats of aerial manoeuvrability as they swoop low to capture the food in their claws, The birds then proceed to eat their newly acquired meal in-flight before diving down again for another helping.
My short film features the view from hide 5 as the food is brought to the birds in the back of a tractor and illustrates the amazing spectacle of these very special birds in flight.
Keep a look out for the rare white bird during the video.
See Below for stills from the day

A Red Kite In-Flight

A Panoramic Photo showing the hides on the left and the feeding area on the right.


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