Oadby & Wigston Diamond Jubilee Charity Show

This Poster was designed by me for The Oadby & Wigston Diamond Jubilee Charity Show held at Parklands Leisure Centre in Oadby during the Queens Diamond Jubilee year of 2012. The design takes its inspiration in equal measures from the music hall posters of the past and from the famous Keep Calm And Carry On posters of wartime Britain, This style allows for lots of information to be displayed in a small amount of space whilst not being overly complicated for the viewer to read. The poster uses a Red, White & Blue colour scheme appropriate for the subject matter and features the Union Jack flag repeated in these colours as a border. The design is broken up by the use of grass at the bottom of the page and a number of "Royal" Ladybirds scattered throughout (how many can you spot ?). The event will raise much needed funds for local charity's Menphys and the Oadby & Wigston Branch of Age UK.


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