Turbine 2.0

Turbine 2.0 is a follow up to my previous film Turbine and once again features the wind turbines at Low Spinney Wind farm.
The Turbines are now fully operational and can be seen turning at their stately place silhouetted against the deep orange setting sun.

Setting off around 5:30pm with the light slowly fading we where in a race against the clock to capture the wind turbines silhouetted against the setting sun.
I rushed to set up my tripod and started to film, the blades of the turbines ceaselessly turning in the field alongside me.
The sun, now a large orange disk hanging in the sky, started to illuminate the underside of the low level clouds and plane trails that criss crossed the sky above.
The Turbines where bathed in an orange glow as they spun rooted to their base, facing the sunset and majestic in their stature.
A few moments later and the large disk of the sun dipped below the horizon and I stopped filming, unlike the turbines who were all the time turning never slowing or faltering carrying out their task whilst the world and time moved on below them.


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