Menphys Walk Poster 2012

I was asked to design a poster for the Menphys walk an annual charity walk taking place on 13th may 2012 in Leicestershire.
Taking its cues from last years poster for the 30th walk (also designed by me !) it features an refinement of that years footprint idea giving the poster a 'walked on' look.
This motif has been continued onto all associated media for the event including banners and sponsor forms as well as any merchandise such as stickers, water bottles etc.
The poster uses the charity's colour scheme of Red Grey & Black & utilizes the Teen typeface to allow the poster to make it easy to read but also portray a fun and playful personality, 
The Teen typeface is teamed up with Earwig Factory evoking memories of children`s A is for apple type alphabet posters.
The Poster additionally features a QR code to allow interested persons to scan the code with their smartphone triggering a free download of a registration form for the walk creating an increased likelihood that the person will take part in the event.
More information on the walk & the work menphys do helping children in Leicester & Leicestershire can be found at their website at This Link   


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