London Fireworks 2012 New Years Eve - From Hyde Park

Happy New Year !,
In My First post of 2012 I offer you an alternative view of the New Years Eve London Firework display from the banks of the Serpentine in Hyde Park London from December 2011 - January 1st 2012, marking the start of 2012 and the year London hosts the Olympic Games.
We left for London at 9pm on 31st December and wouldn't be back till 2012 !.
After driving around central London scouting potential locations we settled on Hyde Park and the banks of of the serpentine giving a unique perspective on the nights proceedings.
As 12 o'clock approached and the last few minutes of 2011 became history the low level cloud was illuminated by a light show emanating from the London eye, we watched the seconds count down, then on the stroke of midnight and with a roar of approval from the now crowded serpentine bridge, the sky erupted in a display of colours with nods toward the Olympic rings and accompanied by a sound track of oooos and ahhhs !.
The display lasted for 11 minutes and my video features just a small part of the whole event. Happy New Year and keep visiting


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