Christmas at Covent Garden

Christmas at Covent Garden was filmed on 18th December 2011 at London's Covent Garden Market. The Market had been decked with giant baubles and mirror balls that threw snow like points of light around the historic buildings arches and upon the crowds who where taking in the festive atmosphere. Outside the main market area stood a giant topiary reindeer and Christmas tree with a large red bow tied around its wooden base, these festive icons where accompanied by the hustle of visitors taking in the performances of the multitude of street performers the area is famous for. A unique aroma of deep yellow Paella and sweet Chestnuts roasting on an open fire filled our senses in the second hall whist an opera singer serenaded a gathering crowd. The famous Apple market selling (despite its name) sold an eclectic selection of craft items from photographs of typical English scenes to the usual London bus tourist souvenirs. Using the map on my phone we took a brief diversion around the nearby theatre district and down to the river Thames and the south bank but that story is for another post (coming soon !).

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