Wild Deer Of Bradgate Park Leicestershire

I woke up at 6:30am and set off to Bradgate Park in Leicestershire, a former Medieval Deer Park, first enclosed as a hunting park over 750 years ago and home to a large herd of wild deer that I planned to capture on film.
As the sun rose over the parkland the deep sounds of the male deer calling out could be heard though the crisp morning air, the cool palette of blues and whites gave way to deep oranges as the majestic animals made their presence known.
An army of photographers marched through the ferns like an episode of Dads Army, their large lenses draped in various forms of camouflage.
I decided to go the opposite way and came across a lone stag hunting for his breakfast in amongst the plant life backlit by the rising sun.
The video above shows the deer calling out to each other across the parkland bathed in the early morning sunlight.
Some images of the deer can be seen after the break

some images taken by me at Bradgate Park early morning during the rutting season

More information on Bradgate park its place in history and deer population can be found at http://www.bradgatepark.org


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