The Silver Screen Beckons At The Short Cinema Festival

The festival started life at the Criterion Pub and tonight marks its first migration to Phoenix Square.
My nerves rise as the lights go down, what will they think of my film ?, how will it look on such a big screen ?, I wonder if this is how the big Hollywood directors feel at the big Leicester square events !.
A few minutes in and There's been an eclectic mix of films so far, A film about a ticket collector featuring a person dressed as a polar bear and a fantastic film by Ben Jacobson called Air Mail precede mine and then it begins, the screen s mine for 2:21, my fears of the picture quality quickly dissipate as the beat box soundtrack blasts out from the speakers "Interesting idea" I hear someone say from the row in front of me.
My film ends and is followed by Summer Ice a film about a Lady down on her luck and a number of other shorts form various filmmakers all tied together by a comedic take on the history of cinema.
The night ends with an interesting take on Mr Cameroon`s big society idea and as the lights come back on I exit the cinema amazed by the fantastic array of local filmmaking talent on show this evening.
The short cinema is a is a bi-annual grass roots film festival at Leicester`s Phoenix Square. and more information can be found at this link
my short film 'Traction' can be seen above & my original blog post about it can be found  Here


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