Spotlight : Mountain Of Legends - The Untersberg

Spotlight : In the second of this regular feature I`m highlighting my video The Untersberg - Mountain Of Legends, I filmed this video as part of my day trip to Salzburg (see my post Salzburg In A Day ).
The mountain straddles the border between Berchtesgaden, Germany and Salzburg, Austria and has a cable car running up to its peak.
On boarding the cable car we were instantly plunged into a complete white-out fearing that the trip had been a waste of time we where thankfully proved very wrong as the clouds parted to reveal a sight unsurpassed in its beauty, words cannot do justice to one of the most moving natural vistas I`ve ever experienced the Alps stretched out before me truly took my breath away (that or the freezing temperatures !), then as if trying to mask their beauty the clouds returned to veil the awesome scene. I did my best to capture the majesty of the area in the video above but nothing truly prepares you for this Legendary mountain its magnificence and I thoroughly recommend a visit.

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